View the changelog for the Sonoran Radio application and in-game resource.

2.3.0 (Alpha) - 7/11/2024

Repeaters - UI Menu

  • Added an in-game repeater menu to add, edit, and remove repeaters.

In-Game Volume

  • Added the ability to adjust the system-wide volume in-game via the settings menu.

In-Game Per-User Volume

  • Added the ability to right click on a user in-game to adjust their volume.

Panel - Customized Download

  • Added a new download link in the radio panel that includes a pre-configured community ID and API key.

In-game Radio - Logout

  • Added an option to logout and unlink your radio in-game via the settings menu.

Startup - Link IP

  • Added an automatic API call to link your server's IP address to your community ID. This will be used for an upcoming integration.

API Key - Rotate

  • Added the ability to rotate and refresh your API key if leaked.

Menu CMS Discovery

  • Added the CMS community discovery spotlight to the portal's community selection menu.

2.2.1 (Alpha) - 07/03/2024

Tower Distance

  • Fixed an issue causing tower distortion levels to "freeze" in certain cases.

2.2.0 (Alpha) - 07/02/2024

In-Game Tower Signal

  • Added variable audio distortion based on how close a user in-game is to a radio repeater model.

User Display Names

  • Added the ability to customize user display names and two new permissions to set who can change their, and others', display name.

Link UI Refresh

  • Improved the /link portal UI with automatic focusing, forward/back navigation, and submission.

In-Game Towers

  • Added three radio repeater models for in-game signal strength.

In-Game Resize and Move

  • Added the ability to resize and move the radio UI.

Custom Animation Support

  • Added the ability to disable in-game animations while talking, for custom animation scripts.

Developer Exports - PTT

  • Added developer exports when a user activates and deactivates their PTT hotkey.

2.1.1 (Alpha) - 06/21/2024

Desktop Application - Hotkey Setting

  • Improved handling for detecting a wider array of hotkeys in the desktop application, including standard mouse buttons.

2.1.0 (Alpha) - 06/18/2024

Login Link

  • New login for in-game resource/mobile

Community ID

  • Use community IDs in URL instead of numeric IDs

Volume Control

  • Added per-user volume controls

Talkover Protection

  • Added toggleable talkover protection

Channel Change: Drag-and-drop

  • Move users by dragging and dropping

2.0.1 (Alpha) - 06/18/2024

Community ID

  • Accept community ID in place of standalone ID

#22925 - ESC Error

  • Fixed ESC with the radio open causing an error, preventing you from leaving the radio

2.0.0 (Alpha) - 06/06/2024

Initial Release

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