Getting Started

Looking to use Sonoran Radio with your community? Check out our getting started guides below!

Core Concepts

Need help understanding the basics of what everything does? Look no further.

Install the TeamSpeak Plugin

Every user who's using the radio system will need to have the plugin. Installing is quick and painless, just see how fast with our guide.

Register Your Community

Registering and configuring your community to integrate Sonoran Radio is free and easy! Check the guide here.

Install the FiveM Radio Script

You can use the following guide to install the FiveM radio resource that will allow you to change frequencies and manipulate your scan list from in game.

Purchase a Subscription

Learn to purchase and apply a subscription to your Sonoran Radio Community!

Import your SAPR Config

For those switching from San Andreas Police Radio, you can import your SAPR configuration into Sonoran Radio!

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