Migration Guides

In some cases, the auto-updater requires manual steps from one version to the next.

2.3.0-1 Release (In-Game Configuration Menu)

Configuration File

Version 2.3.0 introduces a new configuration value.

  1. Open your existing config.lua

  2. Ensure the following lines are set:

    1. Config.radioUrl = 'https://sonoranradio.com'

    2. Config.apiUrl = 'https://api.sonoranradio.com/'

Your config.lua file should now look like the following:

ACE Permissions

Version 2.3.0 introduces a new in-game repeater configuration menu. This allows an easier way to add, edit, or remove in-game repeaters.

Communities will need to grant the new command.radiomenu permission.

Communities can remove the old spawn and remove command permissions:

  • command.spawnradiotower

  • command.spawnradiorack

  • command.spawnradiocellrepeater

  • command.removeradiorepeater

See a complete example of our updated ACE permission structure.

2.2.0 Release (In-Game Towers)

Towers File

Version 2.2.0 introduces multiple new in-game tower options. This includes a new towers.DEFAULT.json file that is required.

  1. Delete the existing towers.json file in your sonoranradio resource.

  2. Rename the new towers.DEFAULT.json file to towers.json in your sonoranradio resource and save.

Configuration File

Version 2.2.0 adds a new API key configuration for upcoming features.

  1. Add the following to line to your config.lua file, below the Config.comId line:

Config.apiKey = 'YOUR API KEY'

  1. Replace YOUR API KEY with the community API key from the Administration panel.

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