Purchase a Subscription

Learn to purchase and apply a subscription to your Sonoran Radio Community


  • Registered TeamSpeak 3 Server on Sonoran Radio web panel

  • or the intention to claim our Sonoran Servers Promo

1. Select Sonoran Radio Community to Upgrade

Click UPGRADE on the Sonoran Radio Community you would like to purchase a subscription on:

2. Click "New Subscription"

3. Choose the Subscription Tier

You can find the subscription tier comparison here NOTE: Sonoran Servers Promo requires Pro Plan or Sonoran ONE

Select the subscription tier you would like:

4. Confirm the Sonoran Radio Community

Select the Sonoran Radio community you would like the new subscription to apply to:

If claiming our Sonoran Servers Promo, please select No Server as shown below. You will need to apply your subscription to your Sonoran Radio community after registering your new Sonoran Servers TeamSpeak server with Sonoran Radio.

5. Complete Purchase

Fill in the requested billing information and complete your purchase. You will be redirected on successful payment to the Sonoran Radio web panel and should see your new subscription applied to your Sonoran Radio community.

Did you know we offer expert installation?

Add expert installation to your order to have our reprensentatives install the Sonoran Radio in-game integration as well as other in-game integrations on your GTA:V RP server. See more info here.

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