TeamSpeak Spam Protection

Fix TeamSpeak's dreaded anti-flood measures

What is Spam Protection

Spam protection (or Anti-flood) is a policy implemented by TeamSpeaks servers to prevent users from flooding the server with constant packets (essentially a DoS attack). However, this protection can get in the way of Sonoran Radio in some cases: if users are regularly switching frequencies, or keying up and down, then this can cause the server to falsely rate limit users.

TeamSpeak - Spam Log

When the server starts blocking commands of a user, sending more commands will only prolong the time that the user must wait until their cooldown has expired.

How to Fix

This section demonstrates three methods of fixing this issue, two if you're a server owner, and one if you're just a user of the TeamSpeak plugin.

1. User Fix

Prevention Measures To prevent anti-flood from blocking you on TeamSpeak, keying up and down less frequently or changing frequencies less is an effective way to make sure you do not hit the rate limits.

Rate Limited If you've been rate limited, then slow down and take a breather. Further actions (like changing frequencies or keying up and down) will further increase the time you're rate limited. Reconnecting or restarting TeamSpeak will not get rid of the rate limit.

2. Developer/Owner Fix

If you are an owner or highly permissioned on the affected TeamSpeak server, you can increase the anti-flood limits by going into the Virtual Server settings and raising the values. We recommend 1.5x the values present, or 2x if issues persist.

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