Switching from SAPR

Import your San Andreas Police Radio configuration into Sonoran Radio!

Why Make the Switch?

By switching to Sonoran Radio, your community's experience is upgraded to the best technology, support, and development available.

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Importing your SAPR Config to Sonoran Radio

Importing your SAPR Config is fast and easy! Note: If you haven't already, you will need to register your server and completed the server authorization.

  1. Navigate to the server management portal of your desired server.

  2. Click the Import SAPR Config button located next to the Save Server button.

You should now have a popup prompting for your SAPR Config JSON.

  1. Locate your config JSON file for your community and copy the contents of the .json file. Note: Your community config JSON file will be named such as 0uKBbp0yX66kyZtm6MFnPfOGRXg=.json.

  2. Paste your copied config JSON into the Insert SAPR Config JSON popup.

  3. Click the Import button and all your "SAPR Radio Channels" will be imported and converted into Sonoran Radio Profiles.

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