Installing the In-Game Resource

Learn how to download and install the in-game resource.

Resource Installation

1. Download the ZIP

Download the latest release of the FiveM resource

2. Extract the ZIP File

Extract the .zip file into your resources directory. Place the sonoranradio and sonoranradio_updatehelper into a folder labeled [sonoranradio]

3. Configure Sonoran Radio

The standaloneId is different from your community ID used to join.

This will be changed in a coming update.

Rename config.CHANGEME.lua to config.lua, and open it to edit your standalone ID

Set Config.standaloneId to your community's ID. This can be found in the URL of your community: https://sonoranradio/com/YOUR_COMMUNITY_ID

4. Update Your Server Config

In your server.cfg file, add the following:

ensure sonoranradio

# permissions for auto-updater (REQUIRED)
add_ace resource.sonoranradio command allow
add_ace resource.sonoranradio_updatehelper command allow

# permissions for sonrad tower commands
add_principal group.admin sonoranradio.towers
add_ace sonoranradio.towers command.spawntower allow
add_ace sonoranradio.towers command.savetowers allow

It is very important that the sonoranradio_updatehelper resource is not started manually. Doing so may cause a server crash if updates are available due to a race condition.

DO NOT start the whole [sonoranradio] folder as that will also start the sonoranradio_updatehelper which might cause crashing if started manually.

Example of what NOT to do: ensure [sonoranradio]


The Sonoran Radio in-game resource will automatically update with the latest features, fixes, and changes upon server restart!

Next Steps

Learn how to use the in-game radio:

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