Using the Dispatch Panel

Learn more about using the Sonoran Radio dispatch panel.

Web and Desktop

When you first open a Sonoran Radio community with standalone enabled, you will see this page:

Sonoran Radio - Connect to Radio

To join the radio, press Connect. After connecting, you will be greeted with a row of channels, and a list of connected users underneath them

Sonoran Radio - Radio Hub

Transmitting (Push to Talk)

To transmit over Sonoran Radio, you can press the microphone button on the top-left

Sonoran Radio - Transmit Button

PTT Keybind

Push-to-talk key binds are only global in the desktop application.

On web, the browser window must be in focus.

In the browser or desktop, you can set a push-to-talk keybind in your radio settings

Switching Channels

To switch to another channel, click the microphone button on the channel card

Sonoran Radio - Switch Channel

Scanning (Listen) To Multiple Channels

Select the headphone icon on each channel to listen in. You can listen to multiple channels at once.

Sonoran Radio - Scan Channel

User Actions

Right click in the user to kick the user from the channel, or move them to a different channel.

Sonoran Radio - Radio User Actions

Next Steps

Learn how to install the in-game resource:

pageInstalling the In-Game Resource

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