Using the In-Game Radio

Learn more about the in-game radio resource.

Initial Setup

Accessing the In-Game Radio



  • Use the /radio command

Logging In

When using the in-game resource for the first time, you have to login. To login, you must copy your Secret Key from your account settings

Then, once you have your Secret Key, you can paste it into the FiveM resource to login

Using the In-Game Radio

Setting your Push-To-Talk (PTT) Keybind

By default, there is no PTT keybind set. You can set one in your GTA Settings -> Key Bindings -> FiveM -> Radio PTT

Connecting and Switching Channels

The radio will connect when you turn it on with the power button (unless you need to login first)

You can scroll through the radio channels with the channel select dial on top, or choose a channel using the UI

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